Guide to Halloween for Autism Families

Guide to Halloween for Autism Families

“Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or in the same way.”
Halloween is almost here, and although it is an exciting time for many trick-or-
treaters, this holiday can bring on some different challenges for Autism families.
To help create a more enjoyable experience for children with Autism and Autism
siblings, planning, adapting and designing the home environment can help all
family members to feel ready, and stress-free!

Pieces of Inspiration has designed a special FREE resource for Halloween. This is a
Halloween social story was created by therapists and Autism siblings, by people
who have been there and get it! It is one that you can reuse time and time again
for children with Autism and their siblings. Social stories are one of the best ways
to better prepare for what is yet to come…

Another great way to prepare for a fun and exciting Halloween experience, is by
having a planned dress up session! This can be added to your child’s calendar, and
they can get involved in the process too! Maybe you offer some visual choices of
things or people they can choose to dress up as, and then have a session where
they get to try everything on beforehand. Having a planned dress up Halloween
session will really help Autism families feel ready for the day and enjoy the
process along the way! Keep in mind, fabric is everything, so try to choose

We’ve all heard the saying, “Practice makes perfect!” But for Autism families, this
is true on a daily basis. Repetition, consistency, planning, prepping, and adapting
to meet everyone’s needs sets children with Autism and Autism siblings up for
success! This is also good for all learners too! One way to practice is by role-
playing after dressing up. You can plan an organized session where children can
ring a neighbor’s doorbell or knock and receive candy. This way, everyone knows
what is yet to come!

Halloween can be adapted to meet your child’s individual needs, if they are
scared to go out at and about that night, you can plan indoor activities, and
prepare for trick-or-treaters coming by. Maybe your child would prefer to hand
out candy, maybe not. But the truth is, planning and adapting is key!

Interested in hearing more about how to successfully adapt and design for your
child’s developmental progress? If you need support in getting started, Pieces of
Inspiration is offering a one-of-a-kind FREE webinar and sharing weekly strategies
on the blog, guidance on YouTube and through weekly newsletters! They also
offer FREE downloadable resources created by experts in the field!

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