Changing the Mindset Towards Autism Siblings

Changing the Mindset Towards Autism Siblings

“They say that no matter how old you become, when you are with your siblings, you revert back to childhood…”

Did you know that designing a home for a child’s developmental progress with adaptations for autism not only positively impacts children with Autism, it helps develop stronger sibling bonds, and a family lifestyle that works for everyone?

Research shows that Autism siblings can often struggle with social skills, anxiety, depression and developing appropriate play skills. One thing that can make a huge positive impact on their lives and the bond they develop with their sibling is the environment, family lifestyle, adaptations and involving both siblings in programs, sessions, to make them feel part of the team. This will help Autism siblings to understand how their sibling learns differently, and how we all do!

Many parents claim to feel as though they are trying to do whatever is best for their child with autism, they are often finding it to be a struggle to respond to everyone’s needs in the household, and especially autism sibling needs too. It is important for children to understand what Autism is and doing it at an early age, and often, helps too! It is essential for the information provided to be appropriate, at their developmental level of understanding and age. 

Unfortunately, sometimes families find it difficult to support a nurturing relationship for Autism siblings, and don’t realize that they may be excluding the sibling from therapies, programs, and more, when they really don’t need to. And, sometimes children can feel discouraged by this and by attempting to interact with their sibling and not get much of a response in return. 

Fortunately, children can be taught skills that can help them understand how to develop a special bond and relationship with their sibling with Autism, and this can contribute to meaningful moments and fun interactions. For example, they can learn to make sure to get their sibling’s attention, praise “good play” moments, and learn to give kind, simple instructions. They can also be introduced to an adapted environment, one that is designed to positively impact their developmental progress. 

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