Creating a Bedroom for Children with Autism

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“Adapting a bedroom for children with autism can create a safe, comfortable and nurturing atmosphere, one that promotes growth, happiness and overall personal development…”

Designing an adapted and sensory friendly environment for children with autism can lead to great benefits, especially if it is their bedroom, in a space they know that is their own. Individuals with autism are known to experience varying degrees of sensitivity towards environmental stimuli. Therefore it is highly recommended to create a sensory friendly bedroom space, one where they can feel comfortable, safe and feel emotionally comforted and soothed. 

For example, when creating a well-designed bedroom for children with autism, it is essential to keep the following important details in mind:

  • Ensure you use soothing colors and hues.
  • Keep the walls and space designs simple.
  • Choose sensory friendly bedding fabrics. 
  • Think about the functionality of every item. 
  • Remember, less is more, so allow for more space, rather than trying to fill space.

Creating a bedroom for children with autism with the above details in mind is known to promote better sleep and enhance focus too. For example, everyone perceives the outside world in different ways, however children with autism might be more sensitive to certain colors, lights and clutter too. This may cause them to have a difficult time sleeping or a hard time staying focused on a certain task, like getting ready for bed.

A child with autism may feel a sense of chaos inside due to a specific pattern, bright color, light or feel of a specific fabric. So therefore, it is very important to carefully access their environment and bedroom more specifically to create the best atmosphere for them as possible. With the above in mind, it is possible to make their environment more calming, appropriately stimulating and reassuring. 

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