Creating Routines for Students with Autism

Creating Routines for Students with Autism

“Routines give kids a sense of security and help them develop self-discipline…”

It is that time of year again! Summer has come to a close and the school year has begun! While new beginnings bring excitement for some, often times, change in routine and starting something new, brings mixed emotions for students with autism.  

On one hand, families and parents express that they are happy to have some personal time for themselves when the school year begins, however, they also dread the start to a new school year because sometimes for students with autism, with change in routine comes feelings of unsettlement. And this often leads to an increase in challenging behaviors. 

Even if a child with autism has been to school before and is returning to a familiar setting, after a few weeks or months have passed, changing their routine develops a sense of unknown. 

One of the best ways to set your child up for success is by creating a routine, specifically a morning and night routine, which will help them to prepare for what is yet to come! 

Why is it SO important to create and incorporate a planned morning and night routine?

Having a routine is beneficial for anyone and everyone, and especially for students with autism. A planned routine for students with autism can positively impact their overall independence, develop their attention span, promote sensory regulation, enhance communication skills, increase socialization, foster emotional regulation, reinforce positive behavior and help in all areas of their developmental growth!

Morning and night routines support students with autism in developing a greater sense of self-awareness and environmental stimuli. For example, by knowing what is coming up next, students with autism feel more settled, take on additional tasks and develop confidence in completing importing life skill activities. A morning and night routine can also be designed to target certain areas students need help in, while helping them to anticipate what is coming up next 

Every student learns differently but individualizing a morning and night routine that works for your students can set them up for success at the beginning of the school year, while helping in all areas of their development. 

Want to learn more about creating individualized routines and the benefit of developing plans to meet your student’s specific needs? Pieces of Inspiration offers one-of-a-kind resources for parents, therapists and students, which include proven strategies, tips for success, inspiration, and so much more!

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