Life Skills for Autism

Life Skills for Autism

“It’s not what you do for your children, it’s about what you have taught them to do for themselves…”

Life skills are an essential part of learning, growth, human development, and are
especially important skills to teach students with autism. Life skills help to foster the
progress of independent and functional living skills at home, in educational settings
and out in the wider community.

Teaching these important life skills early on and generalizing them in the
environment, serves to support individuals with autism, by helping them to learn
tools and strategies that enhance communication and self-esteem, and so much

Life skills for students with autism leads to greater happiness throughout all areas
of their lives…

What are important life skills? And how do they make a positive impact?
The most important life skills are considered to be the understanding of money,
transportation, shopping, organization, self-regulation and self-care activities, such

-Cleaning their room and personal spaces
-Preparing food and participating in cooking activities
-Developing social communication skills
-Socializing and developing relationships
-Practicing good hygiene and more!

These above skills can make a positive impact by helping students to practice their
communication skills at home and when out in the community, when shopping for
items or in real life scenarios. It can really help students to master a skill, such as the
understanding of money, by using real money in the environment after practicing at
home or in a safe and nurturing environment.

Finally, teaching life skills can truly promote happier and healthier lives for
individuals with autism, as it helps them to better understand themselves, their
surrounds and contribute in the community and with their close family and loved

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