Before I go & my autism sibling checklist!

Before I go & my autism sibling checklist!

Today’s flight taking off on a 5 day getaway consists of planning out my favorite winter outfits, making sure my essentials are packed and the camera is ready to capture memories. Being a Florida girl, I have to research “winter outfits,” so I don’t stand out by my lack of winter clothing knowledge. I think I should add more time to packing so I can search on Pinterest the styles I admire. Can’t Pinterest just have a closet store where you see an outfit you like, purchase it and you get it in the mail to try on? Amazon got the idea, now can the two just mix these ideas together? That would be life changing and time saving!

But, before I go, I have to check off a few things off my list.

1. Meal prep: To make sure grab and go meals are healthy!

2. List of activities to do independently: While mom may be working

3. Vitamins are organized by day and time: Can’t forget health routine!

4. Calendar of my departure and arrival is written: To know when I am leaving and coming back

5. Self-care routine is written down: To make sure “me time” is part of the day

Here’s a shocker… Numbers 1 through 5 aren’t for me.

Being an autism sibling comes with responsibilities that most don’t understand. I am an older sister to a beautiful 25 year old woman with Autism, her name is Angie. As a family of three consisting of me, Angie and our mom, we have never put a responsibility to a name. It has always been us as a team contributing to everything and anything that needed to get done.

As an autism sibling who has spent years learning and applying therapeutic techniques, I apply my experience to promoting, encouraging and teaching Angie to be independent. Medical, legalities, finances and so much more for Angie, my mom teaches me how to best help her. Given my experience of learning therapeutic techniques and autism education, my mom’s experience of medical information and much more, all help teach Angie independent skills.

We as a family understand our strengths and weakness to where we can assist each other to promote independent skills into Angie’s life. Don’t get me wrong, Angie plays her part in the team too. She has learned to whip up great coffee, assist in grocery shopping, complete laundry independently and so much more that she does for herself and being a part of the team. No part is too small when it comes to contributing.

There’s always learning when it comes to autism. But for now, we make a pretty great team of helping each other make Angie the independent woman she is today. There’s always room for work, but we are so proud of how far Angie has come. Whether it has been steps forwards, steps back, big strides or small ones, Angie has our love, support and will always be given the tools towards independence.

But now that those 5 steps are completed, my somewhat Pinterest inspired winter clothes outfits are packed, camera is ready for memory making and I’m ready to trade warm weather for cold weather … it’s time for this autism sibling to take a flight!

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